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Current Openings

Location: Muscat, Oman.

The ideal candidate for this role should meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 15 years of experience in a similar role with a System Integration company: The candidate should have a solid background and expertise in system integration, gained through at least 15 years of experience in a comparable role within the industry.

  2. Experience in the GCC region: Familiarity with the GCC region is highly desirable and considered an added advantage. Knowledge of the local business landscape, cultural nuances, and regulatory environment can contribute to the candidate's effectiveness in the role.

  3. Management skills to lead a distributed team: The candidate should possess strong leadership and management abilities to effectively oversee and guide a distributed team comprising 25-30 members. This entails the capacity to motivate, delegate, and coordinate efforts to achieve collective goals.

  4. Experience in adopting emerging technologies: The candidate should demonstrate a track record of embracing and integrating emerging technologies into a company's offerings. This entails a forward-thinking approach and the ability to identify relevant technologies that can enhance the company's solutions and services.

  5. Ability to introduce emerging technologies as part of the company's offering: Alongside adopting emerging technologies, the candidate should have experience in successfully introducing these technologies into the company's portfolio. This involves strategic planning, market analysis, and effective implementation strategies to ensure the new offerings align with customer needs and drive business growth.

Location: Muscat, Oman

Experience: Minimum 5 years.

Job Summary: We are seeking a highly talented and creative individual to join our marketing team as a Creative Marketing Specialist. In this role, you will leverage your expertise in graphics design and animation to create visually captivating designs and engaging animations that effectively communicate our brand message across various marketing channels.


  • Collaborate with the marketing team to conceptualize and design visually appealing graphics for digital and print media using industry-standard tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.
  • Utilize your animation skills to create captivating motion graphics and animated visuals that enhance our marketing initiatives and engage our target audience.
  • Web site design and enhancements.
  • Develop and maintain brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and adherence to brand identity across all marketing materials.
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams to understand their requirements and translate them into visually stunning designs that align with the company's branding and marketing objectives.
  • Stay updated on the latest design trends, animation techniques, and industry best practices to continuously enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to create visually impactful corporate presentations and infographics that effectively communicate complex ideas and information.

Location: Muscat, Oman.

We are seeking an experienced Python Developer with a focus on AI applications to join our team. As a Python Developer, you will play a vital role in developing cutting-edge AI solutions, contributing to the advancement of AI technologies.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop effective AI-driven solutions using Python.
  • Design and implement machine learning algorithms and models using frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.
  • Perform data preprocessing and feature engineering for AI model training.
  • Optimize AI models for performance and accuracy through techniques like hyperparameter tuning.
  • Debug and test AI applications to ensure smooth functionality.
  • Stay updated on the latest advancements in AI technologies and frameworks.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as a Python Developer, specializing in AI applications.
  • Strong proficiency in Python programming and experience with AI frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.
  • Solid understanding of machine learning algorithms and data preprocessing.
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms and version control tools.
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.