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“Together, let’s make a unified world”

Integration is all about “exchanges in co-existence”. Be it Social, Administrative or Technology, unless sound practices and definitions are evolved, no amount of integration can really succeed. When integration technologies are making the world of information flow look more and more like a unified world, underlying principles and technology make all the difference. Team IMTAC has over 2 decades of continuously make diverse systems to function together. Be it Enterprise Application Integration using a variety of modern technologies or integrating an enterprise business process using advanced workflow toolsets and stitching heterogeneous systems to it, IMTAC can help you in creating a unified organization.

Our professional services team can address the following areas:
• Enterprise application Integration (EAI)
• Business Process Management (BPM) & workflow automation
• Extraction, transformation & loading (ETL)

An enterprise on the threshold of migration to new sets of applications invariably encounters a scenario when the use of existing legacy applications and databases needs to be continued. This is where the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) expertise of IMTAC comes handy.

EAI may involve developing a new total view of an enterprise's business and its applications, ensuring that existing applications fit into the new view, devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data.

IMTAC's expertise in EAI has been legendary in:
• Intersystems Ensemble
• IBM MQ/Websphere
• Oracle Middleware

Customers in the region have benefited immensely from IMTAC's ability to deploy EAI Technology to bring together disparate IT systems and applications. 


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