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Job Profile:
This is a Senior position that involves significant interaction with our clients during the business development, implementation and support phases of all projects.

You must therefore combine strong technical and project/team management and supervisory skills with commercial and business development savvy.

As the Services Manager, you will manage (3) vital areas of our business:
1. Implementation services (all project managers will report to you)
2. Support Services (daily customer support and release upgrades)
3. Technical services (overall technical support for 1&2 above)
You are expected to participate in the overall business development process as follows:
:: Intimately know the status of all projects that are in the sales funnel
:: Provide support to the business development and sales process and participate in it in harmony with the Business Development team to maximize project awards to the Company
:: Conduct presentations and workshops at Customer facilities in support of our sales efforts
:: Always communicate with our Customers and team members in a positive and constructive manner
:: Assist the pre sales team in the delivery of product demonstrations and review of tender responses
:: Participate in responding to client’s Request for Proposals (RFP) with particular emphasis on implementation, support and the technical aspects of the project i.e. HW, networks, LAN/WAN, DB, interfaces, conversions etc.
:: Manage all architecture, hardware, networking and communications related issues for all RFP’s and projects in a way that differentiates us from our competitors and improves our position with our Customers.

You are expected to manage the Services Department of the Company with the following management expectations:
:: Be a team player, a coach and a mentor to your team members in all respects
:: Be independent and innovative in your approach to business
:: Always strive to improve on our processes and work methodologies
:: Deploy technology smartly to improve Company’s business processes and give it a competitive edge
:: Be committed to the delivery of quality solutions on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to client business
:: Be committed to the delivery of world-class support to our Customers during the support phase of all projects
:: Assist in project management and project leadership
:: Control all project implementations to ensure that they are completed on time, on budget and to best industry practices
:: Conduct formal quarterly audits for all projects that under implementation
:: Conduct regular visits to all Customer sites that are in support mode
:: Develop a standardized (and/or refine existing) implementation methodology
:: Develop a comprehensive and sound training infrastructure and program for Company resources and our Customers (application and technical)
:: Maintain an efficient and stable technology infrastructure for the Company that will allow it to maximize its use of IT to improve its business processes
:: Develop and/or refine existing Customer support infrastructure inclusive of support process, helpdesk etc.
:: Maintain a strong Company profile and professional relationships with our Technology/Product partners
:: Lead product enhancement and development requirements and follow up on them in accordance with Customer requirements and project timeframes
:: Assist in the recruitment and deployment of technical, implementation and support staff
:: Participate in regular management meetings
:: Complete regular monthly report and as requested from management
:: Participate (and possibly lead) the ISO/CMM certification of the Company

While in Company’s employment, you will be required to file regular reports as requested from your management. Failure to do so, constitute a breach of your employment.

Job Location:
You will be based initially in Muscat, Oman with a strong possibility of relocating to Dubai, UAE

This position includes extensive travels
You will be required to travel throughout the Middle East i.e. Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Leban

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